April Meeting Minutes

            Meeting was called to order at 6:49 pm on April 5, 2012.

            In attendance were Vaughn, Linda, Joan, Emily, Karen V., Karen R., Maggie, Nancy and Joey.

            No additions were made to the agenda.

            Approval of Agenda came at with unanimous vote at 6:52 pm

            No minutes or Treasurer’s report were given this night.


Old Business:

1.     Anne Ellis gave her report on the Give-A-Stitch.

2.     Helping Hands/Kids Program:

a)     Karen Van Eaton gave a report on the program.

b)     Program starts on Wednesday mornings and are held in the Library. Group is mostly boys. There are 11 kids in the morning group. Kids are learning the loom at first and moving onto knitting and crocheting after gaining the confidence of the loom.

New Business:

1.             1) American Flag

a.      Nancy was contacted by Mike Preston on a donation from the guild to make an American flag as an auction item for the Gavin Brummund Memorial Fund. Karen Rassmussen took on the project and was completed minus the stars as of May 3, 2012.

2.              2)  Hats/Jackets

a.      Karen Van Eaton brought up the subject of getting yarn for the guild to make hats, scarves etc and donating it to either Michelson or Hazel Fischer.

3.               3)  Senior Citizens

a.      Karen Van Eaton and Joey Steiner expressed interest in going down to a Senior citizens center and teaching them how to knit or crochet to help keep their minds active.