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April 4, 2013 Calaveras Needle Arts Guild Minutes

 Meeting came to order at 6:21 pm

 In attendance was Linda, Karen R., Emily, Maggie, Vaughn, Joan, Nancy, Dana and Joey.

 There were no additions to the agenda.

 Approval of the Agenda came at 6:22 pm 

No minutes were done. L

We have $608.81 in our Account 

Nothing to mention for Give-A-Stitch

No updates for the October Retreat.

And nothing new for the Block of the Month.

Next meeting is May 2, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 6:29 pm


May Minutes

Call to order came at 6:12 pm

Attendance was Linda, Vaughn, Karen R., Maggie, Diane, Nancy, Joan, Anne, Christine and Joey.

No additions to the Agenda

Approval of the Agenda came at 6:13pm

We have $618.81 in our CNAG account

Nothing new for Retreat, and Block of the Month

Give A Stitch is good. We are waiting till the new board comes for the Lions Club. Anne asked if buying jackets can be dispersed between the members. Joey said yes. We will be asking Women of the Moose and Rotary. Joey said he can ask the FFA Boosters/Mr Beck at Bret Harte of they can donate.

No other business.

Adjournment came at 6:17 pm

Next meeting is June 6, 2013.