Hi folks, I know we are working (if not already started) on Christmas presents for our family and friends. In my travels on the internet, I did several searches on Ravelry.com

Ravelry is a knitters dream come true. Tired of looking at the same books ya have in your library? Looking for something new and exciting in the knit world? Well look no further!

I did some searching on Ravelry for Christmas and Halloween projects. My favorite so far is several cupholders.

My uncle is a great guy and he is devoted to his last name: Hootman. If anyone can guess he loves his owls, however I digress.

This cup holder is cute and useful all in one. 

The pattern is found on the following website:


Looking over the pattern, I'm a bit intimidated by it, but I am always ready for a challenge.

I give major kudos to this lady who made this pattern. :)